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An individualized program is developed for each person served with input from the person served, their family members, and others on the inter-disciplinary care team. Treatment and behavior plans implemented by the specialists are followed closely. Structure, routine and predictability is provided where required. Augmentative communication is implemented considering the person served’s needs (I-Pad programs, visual supports, remnants). Persons served are supported by staff to be involved in their community including delivering newspapers, going to the library, swimming, shopping, community park, beaches, skating arena, biking, participating in Special Olympics, drop in sports at community recreation centers, volunteering, and going to places of worship. Persons served are provided with opportunities to be involved in home programming, including gardening, cooking, baking, crafts, sensory, leisure and cleaning/chores. Staff members support person served to gain independence with activities of daily living (putting on clothing, shoes, jacket, brushing teeth, toileting, bathing and eating). We work collaboratively with the school district to develop Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals for the person served, and we advocate to assure the persons served are offered educational opportunities. Persons served are encouraged to maintain existing relationships with family members and friends, and are supported in building new relationships.  Orimaco staff are dedicated to providing a high standard of care, and are eager to meet the needs of each person served, through the provision of professional support and by working closely with the person served and their family.

Professional Woman

Data is collected and shared with psychiatrist to assess effectiveness of treatments. 

Brainstorm Team Meeting
Behavior Consultants

Staff team meets with behavior consultant regularly to review data and modify behavior plan. 

Physiotherapy Session
Occupational Therapists

Sensory program is implemented in accordance to recommendations from occupational therapist, 

 Collaborative approach with a team of professionals

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